About the Site

The Oculus Online is an arts and culture website launched in early 2012 by Joshua Goldfond, author of the fantasy/satire The Hunting of the Bubblenuff (BN/Amazon), superhero/sports saga The National Triumph League.

The Oculus Online is intended as a platform through which to explore art, film, literature, travel, politics, and anything else of interest to its contributors. If the site had a primary focus, it would be on creative people and the creative process. As Old Media evolves or dies, it is often the artists that must be nimble and adaptable to survive. Among other things, the site tries to look at how individuals are crafting and promoting their work in a changing media landscape.

“Oculus” is the latin word for eye. In some architectural styles of antiquity, an oculus is a circular hole situated at the very top-center of a structure- essentially, a windowless skylight- designed to allow the elements to enter into otherwise cavernous locations. One of the most prominent can be seen in the Pantheon of Rome.

It seemed like an interesting metaphor for examining the arts and the world at large.